Hello and Welcome to toolittletrees.com,

I'm Anne, and I love pretty paper products. I use them all the time. I also love the earth. And so I decided to create a line of pretty paper products that are eco-friendly. It's called Too Little Trees, and I hope you grow to love this stuff as much as I do.

My brothers and I have a publishing company called Flowerpot Press - we publish children's books, some music, and also have a very cool line of paper products that feature vintage artwork. You can view all that on our Flowerpot Press website. THIS website is all about our Too Little Trees division.

To create the Too Little Trees line we worked with my favorite designers. And we printed on recycled paper. And whenever you buy one of our Too Little Trees products we plant a tree. We like to think of it as "more than just recycled."

Buy a book... we'll plant a tree. It really is that simple. And it is true for more than just books. In fact, we are planting a tree for every single Too Little Trees product sold. So pick up a notepad, or a journal, or some notepaper, or an organizer, or any one of our other Too Little Trees environmentally friendly paper products. We'll be planting a tree every time you do.

Best Wishes,

Anne Hayes


This is our favorite coffee house.
It is in Franklin Tennessee.

This is our
children's publishing company.

This is a movie retail company one of my brothers is a partner in.