Handy Pocket Journals

4"x 6" trim, 160 unlined pages,

with an end pocket on the

inside back cover.

Handy Pocket Journals are Tree Positive Pocket Journals! Printed on sugar cane paper, every journal sold plants a tree.

Sugar Cane Paper is really cool. I could have said “really sweet” - but that seemed too obvious. It is made from stuff called Sugar Cane Bagasse - which is waste from the sugar industry that we recycle into paper - and it takes less energy and is cleaner to make Sugar Cane Paper than traditional paper. Sugar Cane Paper is recyclable with traditional paper and biodegrades easier than normal paper.

So go get a Handy Pocket Journal and scribble all over it and then buy another one, you'll be planting a whole forest with your thoughts, notes, drawings and ideas! And thanks for helping us make sure there aren't… Too Little Trees!

one world

rock n' roll all night!

peaceful thoughts

seeds of an idea

cool thoughts

roots of my empire

oh the thinks that i think

peachy ideas


thought process

naughty thoughts

sans souci

make change

one idea

s'more ideas

Sweet Plans

just give it a chance that's all i'm saying

btsu (blow that shit up) thoughts


i love you man



powerful thoughts

winner winner chicken dinner

twisted thoughts